Steve Rice impressed with the originality of 'David'

Steve Rice impressed with the originality of 'David'

Steve Rice impressed with the originality of 'David'

When Steve Rice was asked to come on board and take over as the director of photography for Kannada film 'David', he didn't think twice before accepting the offer.

In fact, he was excited at the prospect of working with a new team and on a subject that he thought was indeed original and innovative.

Steve says that it is also an opportunity to work in India that made him accept the project. "After I read the outline and had a face-to-face talk with the director Bargav, it was evident to me I should do this project," Steve told Metrolife.

He also says that he was overwhelmed by the courtesy, professionalism and creative innovation of the team of 'David.' Steve was assisted by Deva, a well-known director of photography down south. And he found working with Deva quite easy because they were on the same page most of the time. "Deva was totally switched on and a true master of his craft. We were able to collaborate and were on the same page all the time," says Steve.

Steve is known for his originality and finesse. He says that he liked 'David' because it seemed like a breakaway from stereotypical Bollywood film. "The film seemed faithful to India in its personality. It has sought to raise the bar for Kannada film," feels Steve. Although, Steve has been to India for pre-production on two other projects, 'David', he says was the first one to get up. "I look forward to returning for those other productions or any other," he adds.

He says that he did a little homework to understand the technical strength of Indian filmmakers before coming on board for 'David'. "Before I came to India, I enquired with another Australian director of photography who assured me that I would find competent people in India and that a good Indian lighting man would indeed be my lifesaver," he says. Steve says that these were some of the important aspects that he was keen about before committing to working on the project.

It was not just the story, cast and crew that impressed Steve, he says, the locations were superb. He adds that it certainly made principle photography a sheer pleasure. "The old library in Bengaluru was pure old with an honest aesthetic texture," he adds.

He also points out that the private automobile museum was an absolute delight to visit. "It became a character location for our film. It was pure class and the generosity of the owner was most highly appreciated," he adds.

Steve was impressed with the use of technology in the film. "The crewmen who looked after the equipment were comfortably competent in their work," he observes. He points out that a film production is not about the individual, but is the product of all their strengths working together seamlessly as a team. He says he found the energy and spirit of people of team 'David' quite infectious. "When it all comes together and transcends a mere group of people working together, it is a buzz like none other. I would gladly come back to India for more of the same," he signs off.

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