Stay cool and stylish this summer

Stay cool and stylish this summer

Stay cool and stylish this summer

Summer is here at its sweltering best and I still have important meetings, occasions, and events to look pretty at. Despite the heat and saturation, I would definitely want to wear killer outfits. But honestly? I enjoy being comfortable, especially when I know I have a lot of rushing around to do. Luckily, there are a few clever ways you can look incredibly chic without sacrificing comfort.

Opt for cotton

Being smart with your fabric choices when selecting outfits is definitely important. I always suggest going with cotton when possible because it's such a breathable fabric and is very comfortable to wear. Jersey knit tees and dresses are some of my favourite to wear, and you can never go wrong with a good pair of denim jeans. If you're ever lost for inspiration, try this timeless ensemble boyfriend jeans, a classic white t-shirt, strappy heels, and a well-tailored blazer.

Go for a smaller bag

As much as I love big bags, they're definitely not as convenient as a smaller purse. Large bags like totes and structured hobos take up so much room and can be such a hassle to carry around, plus it can be a pain trying to dig around to find certain items like your keys or gum. Instead, I like carrying a smaller shoulder bag when heading out and about. They're cute, lighter on the shoulders, and have enough room for just the essentials so you're less likely to carry unnecessary items around with you.

Find the right support

One problem I usually struggle with when out all day long is foot pain. I love cute shoes too much, and can't be bothered to purchase the cushioned, less adorable options out there on the market. Luckily for us, Dr Scholls makes accessories that can ease discomfort while wearing heels. Try them for insoles, ball of feet support and heel support. Heels don't always mean pain.

Keep it simple and straight

My hair can be super tricky. Some days it behaves wonderfully, and other days it just takes on a life of it's own. Of course, it's usually when I'm going out somewhere nice that it decides to not hold a curl or to frizz up something fierce. That's why when I know I'm going out for the day, I just play it safe with my hair. I love going with a cute style like maiden braids or the classic messy bun. Both are easy to achieve and pretty hard to mess up, plus they can be styled for nearly every outfit.

Keep the weather in mind

There's nothing worse than getting all dressed up for an event only to walk out your front door and realise it's as humid as a swamp outside and you're wearing too many layers. Keeping the weather in mind is crucial for staying comfortably stylish. Things like heat, humidity, rain, and cold can all take a cute outfit and make it super uncomfortable if you didn't dress appropriately. It's better to be safe than sorry, so always check the weather forecast before a big event to ensure your ensemble stays comfy all day long.


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