BJP MLA rape: Video nails cops' complicity

BJP MLA rape: Video nails cops' complicity

A video that emerged a day after the mysterious death of the father of a rape victim, who had accused BJP MLA  Kuldeep Senger of the crime and attempted self-immolation near Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's official residence on Sunday, has caught the police with their pants down.

The video, which went viral on social networking sites, shows some people taking the thumb impression of the father of the victim on pieces of paper as he lay in a semi-conscious state on a bed inside the Unnao district hospital.

According to sources, the video had been shot a few hours before his death in the hospital, allegedly owing to torture by the goons of the MLA, who was angry with him for refusing to withdraw the police complaint.

Cops seen in video

The video also shows two cops standing by the side of the bed. One person is seen holding the hand of the man while the other is seen putting his thumb impression on the papers.

The post-mortem report of the victim's father revealed that he had died of shock and septicemia. Sources said that his body had over a dozen injuries at different places.

The victim had also alleged that her father had been tied to a tree and beaten by the MLA's goons after he refused to withdraw the complaint. A video showing the victim's father sitting inside the police station amid the supporters of the MLA had also gone viral on the social networking sites.

The latest video lent credence to the allegation that the local police were under the "influence" of the MLA.

The family of the victim has demanded a CBI probe into the matter and has also moved the Supreme Court with their plea.

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