Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja to launch production house

Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja to launch production house

Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja to launch production house

Sandalwood's young star Chiranjeevi Sarja will have more than four or five releases this year, and that includes his latest release, 'Seizer' which has him playing the role of a man who seizes vehicles.

Chiranjeevi says that his character is interesting because he shares screen space with two veteran actors - V Ravichandran and Prakash Raj.

The minor changes in appearance that Chiranjeevi has added to his character has made a lot of difference. "There's no extensive work that has gone into executing my character. I have had to put on some weight and I've grown a moustache just like the one sported by actor Kishore. The long moustache has added that extra edge to my character,"says Chiranjeevi. He says that the moustache has given him that much-needed rough and tough look.

Elaborating on his role, Chiranjeevi, says "My job is to seize vehicles. The many stories that emerge and the people that I meet, during my stint as a seizer is what is captured and portrayed in the film. What is the link between Ravichandran and Prakash Raj? Where do I fit in are some of the questions that are answered towards the end of the story," he adds.

Chiranjeevi says that the language is kept simple and straight. "We have used local lingos and have consciously used words that people use in their everyday conversations. This makes it easier for people to connect with the characters," he adds.

Chiranjeevi is slated to have a lot of releases this year. "I didn't have any release for a year. I have had 'Aake' and 'Samhara', but I don't think that's enough, I want to work on more projects," he adds. He says, irrespective of the outcome of a project, he has decided to keep a watch out for interesting scripts.

Asked whether he has got offers from other language industries, Chiranjeevi says that he will crossover to other languages, only if something interesting comes along.

Meanwhile, the actor is contemplating starting his own production house, in addition to the existing family-run film production unit. "I have always wanted to start my individual production house. And the first film that I make under that banner will have my brother Dhruva playing the lead role. I will be around to back him up and give him support," Chiranjeevi signs off.


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