It's study time for Udita

It's study time for Udita

Setting goals

It's study time for Udita

Looking forward: Udita Goswami

“I haven’t got my due in Bollywood which I should have got till now. I have given films, done meaningful roles that not all actresses get. I feel the reason for my being on the backfoot could be that I don’t believe in PR practices, which have become a regular routine for any celebrity,” said Udita.

“But that is something that I can’t do, there are certain things that I don’t want to change about myself. I do my work with all honesty and there is no scope for short-cuts or cheating,” she added.

Udita, whose latest movie Chase released last week, said she makes it a point not to repeat her roles but is still typecast to a specific genre.

“I have been doing all kind of roles, but still I have been typecast with this ‘bold tag’. The only thing that I think I have not done is a happy romantic kind of film... romantic comedy. I know it is strange since most of the actresses have done something like that and not done the kind of films that I have done,” Udita explained.

The actress revealed that she is going back to college as she left her studies in between. “I’m going to Los Angeles. I'm enrolling myself at the New York academy. It’s time I set my priorities right. I don’t care if 80 per cent of our industry is not well read. I don’t want to be one of them. I agree that I started my career quite early but I don't want my kids to ever say that their mother is not well-educated. Education is very important,” she said.