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Explore all options before you choose

Raja ReddyDear Sir,

I have heard that to get into a university in the US or Canada, a student must have completed a minimum of 16 years of education in India. If I do my Bachelor’s degree in Science (BSc), is it possible to do a Master’s (MSc) in the US or Canada? If not, then what options do I have to get into a University in the US or Canada after completing BSc in India? Can I apply after completing one year of an MSc course in India? Or, is it possible to get the admission for MBA in those countries after BSc? Is an MBA worth doing after completing BSc in bio-related subjects? 

Anxious student

Dear Student,

Your information regarding minimum 16 years of education as entry requirement for a master’s program in USA or Canada is correct. So, with just a BSc degree you will not be eligible. Even just one year of MSc will not help as you will not get any documentation from the university where you enrolled for your MSc programme. What I would recommend is that you complete the MSc programme here and apply for a Master’s program (MS) in the US. The advantage you will have is after you report to the university that has offered you the seat — if your performance has been good — you will certainly get additional credits for the MS programme. The duration of the MS programme may be reduced to three semesters. Even if the duration is not reduced, you may add on some more courses at no additional cost. You could also send all your academic records after MSc to the World Education Services (WES), which is an independent assessing body.

The evaluation done by them is accepted by all universities. They will give you the details of course credits required to complete MS after evaluating your academic achievements. You may browse their website (www.wes.org) for further details. Since you are planning on studying bio-related subjects, you can enroll for a PhD as you can do the  ground work while doing your MS. A BSc degree in any subject is a foundation degree and you are eligible to pursue MBA here in India. Be clear about your ultimate career goal. Take an aptitude test to understand whether you are more suited for science and research or for management. This will tell you whether you should consider enrolling for an MBA programme after graduation or continue your further studies in science. You need to take TOEFL for an MS or MBA, GRE for an MS, and GMAT for an MBA. For more information on these tests, browse www.toefl.org, www.gre.org and www.gmat.org.

Dear Sir,

I am a first year student of Mechanical Engineering. I am interested in Aeronautics. I want to pursue higher studies in Aeronautical Engineering in USA. Please suggest a few good universities. What exams should I take and when should I start preparing for them?


Dear Shyam,

There are many universities in the United States which offer courses in Aeronautical Engineering. Your academic performance, GRE and TOEFL scores, and recommendations given by your professors will decide where you get admission. Browse university websites to know the minimum standards that each university has fixed as admission criteria. There are courses in aeronautics, aeronautical engineering, aerospace electronics, aerospace engineering, aerospace studies, to name a few. Right now, you need to focus on performing well in your BE course. Start your preparations at least a year before you complete your BE course.
Dear Sir,

I want to pursue post graduation (MBA) in England. Is it necessary to do an Honors degree instead of a regular degree. Which one would give me an edge over the others?

Isaac John

Dear Isaac,

In order to pursue post graduation in Business Administration in the UK, a three-year regular undergraduate programme is adequate. You need not do any Honors degree. It is only universities in USA, which require a four-year undergraduate programme. You certainly will have an edge over others if your academic performance is good and consistent. I suggest you also appear for GMAT along with IELTS or TOEFL. A high GMAT score, along with good academic grades, will ensure admission into any of the top grade management colleges in the United Kingdom.

The author is the Director of Banjara Academy and co-ordinator of Helping Hand. Send your queries to: Studying Abroad, DH Education, Deccan Herald, # 75, MG Road, Bangalore-560001, or email us at: dheducation@deccanherald.co.in

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