Experts to study tremors around Almatti dam

Experts to study tremors around Almatti dam

“The experts will visit Malghana and Kalgurki region to study the reason for the frequent occurrence of earthquakes, on Friday,” said State Disaster Management Cell Director Prakash. Mild tremors have occurred 14 times from January 24 till now in Kalgurki, Malghana, Talevada, Basavanatti and a few other villages, 20 km from Almatti reservoir.

Though there is no damage caused due to the quake, the villages here are a worried lot. Digital provincial broadband seismometer has already been used by the scientists to understand the reason for the tremor.

“The intensity of the quake in this region is less than 2.5 on the Richter scale. It is normal for the quake to occur due to the movement of the rocks inside the earth every 50 to 100 years. Since we do not have a record of the past, we are not able to understand this phenomenon,” said the scientists.

The local scientists say that due to the force of the backwaters in Almatti reservoir on the earth, there could be such quakes. The scientists themselves put forth the argument that if this is the reason for the occurrence of the earthquakes in these parts, then it should also have occurred in other regions.

“There is a lot of borewells dug here and the groundwater has been exhausted. When there is no water in the earth that portion will become empty and stones start to gathe. When such a process occurs, there is a possibility for quakes,” said the scientists.

Tremors again

There was mild tremors in the district’s Kalgurki region at 6.52 pm on Wednesday. This is the 14th time Kulgarki, Malghana, Basavanatti and other villages 20 km near Almatti reservoir are experiencing the earthquake.