Supplementary exams from June 7

Supplementary exams from June 7

Due to lack of time, schools have been provided with nominal rolls of failed candidates along with the result sheets in advance. The same is to be used for registering failed students for supplementary exams.

The last date for registration of such students is May 15 and the last date for sending the application to the Board is May 18. No student will be allowed to write the examination unless he/she registers with the Board. The fee for the supplementary exams is Rs 150 for one subject, Rs 200 for two subjects and Rs 300 for more than two subjects.

Revaluation fee hiked

The Board has hiked the revaluation fee per subject to Rs 700. The Board has also made arrangements for re-totalling and issue of photocopies of answer books in all subjects. The last date for sending such applications for this purpose is May 21.

Students who apply for photocopies should not apply for re-total. The fees for the retotalling of marks for one subject is Rs 150 and for photocopy, it is Rs 300.