Comed-K a cakewalk for many

Comed-K a cakewalk for many

Comed-K a cakewalk for many

And going by their opinion, this year’s undergraduate entrance test was predictably easier than CET 2010 and other entrance tests.

The morning session of the test was from 10 am to 12 pm and featured Physics and Chemistry papers. Students coming out from the physics and chemistry examinations were unanimous in their opinion that the paper was far easier than any other entrance examinations which the Karnataka students had faced this April.

Rakshith Sharma, a student who appeared for Comed-K’s Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics papers at Bangalore Institute of Technology said the test was hardly a challenge. “The paper was very simple and was a lot easier than CET and AIEEE entrance tests. The Chemistry paper in particular was very easy and mostly featured direct questions,” he said.

Students said even time was not a constraint as most of the questions from the test did not require understanding of concepts and some of them were straight out of the textbooks.

Another student Monica also opined that all three papers, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics were straightforward and did not really pose a challenge.

“There were hardly any numerical questions in the Chemistry paper besides one or two. Even the Physics paper had only factual questions which were easy and from modern physics,” she said. She too said that the entrance could not hold a candle to the AIEEE exam she had appeared for last month.

Meanwhile, the last session which featured the Biology paper too was a walk in the park for students. Rajeev, a student who appeared for the Biology paper said: “I was prepared therefore it was easy. But traditionally the biology exams have always been easier so I was not surprised.”

A total of 66,408 students appeared for Comed-K UGET 2010, out of which 49,541 students were non-karnataka students. The number of students appearing for Comed-K UGET, an entrance conducted by private engineering, medical and dental college managements has been steadily on the rise.