10-yr-old boys rape eight-yr-old

10-yr-old boys rape eight-yr-old

The girl was given the toy to hold during an interview that was filmed and played at the Old Bailey court.

The boys deny the rape charge. They are among the youngest in Britain to be charged with rape.

The girl held an usher’s hand and was lifted into a chair. She was connected through a video link. The judge then gently asked her to take a juice bottle away from her mouth so he could hear her. She then sat as her interviews were played to the jury. The jury was told how the girl was playing with her younger sister near her home in October last year when the boys took her away.

The girl later told her mother she had been taken to some flats before being led to the field where she was allegedly raped, prosecutor Rosina Cottage said.

“This case concerns rape by two boys still at primary school of a girl even younger. Together they took her to different locations near where they lived in order to find a sufficiently secluded spot to assault her,” Cottage was quoted as saying.

The victim recalled how her scooter was thrown into a bush.
“They said if I didn’t pull down my pants, they wouldn’t get my scooter from the bush.”