Workshops will help preserve folk art

Workshops will help preserve folk art

He was speaking after inaugurating a folk art workshop jointly organised by the Kannada and Culture Department and Eedare Art and Culture Centre at Vardanayakanahalli in Shidlaghatta taluk on Thursday.

He said the public should also join hands in conducting such workshops. Only if folk  arts survive can our culture survive, he added.

Poet Gollahalli Shivaprasad said the folk is an eternal pure art form. Today’s younger generation need to take interest in  preserving this and it is their  responsibility too, he said.

The present generation is completely influenced by Western culture and are attuned to violence, cruelty, indecency. As a result  folk art  rooted in Indian culture is completely sidelined. This is a tragic situation. The selfless service of poet saints like Shishunal Sharief , Kabir Das and Kaivar Naryanappa reached out to common people and their songs have become a part of people’s lives. Various folk art forms like songs sung during grinding, harvesting and other activities should be preserved for the next generation,  and protected from being extinct, he said.

DSS district convenor K C Rajakanth, poet Devaramallur V Chinnakrishna, CMC nominated member K M Vinayak, M Ramakrishnappa, T Minishamappa, S S Patil, Eedare Tirumala Prakash, Chandra, Gajendra and others were present.