'There is more to life than exams'

'There is more to life than exams'

'There is more to life than exams'

Suraj Gangatkar Student

Students should not take such steps. When the government has made provisions for conducting supplementary exams, such bad thoughts should not enter their minds. SSLC or second PUC is not everything in life. Many more things can be done in life. One exam cannot decide our fate. We need to fight and achieve something greater and prove our worth.

Vineet, Student
So what if you fail? There are supplementary exams. There are different courses as well which are easier. When there are so many options available, why commit suicide? Maybe the course in which you failed is not your cup of tea. Just give the supplementary exams and take up a course where your heart lies and you can do marvels.

Merin, Student
There is always a second chance in life. Life is very precious and once you lose it, that loss is irreparable and cannot be replaced with anything else. Think twice before you take a decision. Work hard and come up in life rather than putting an end to it. By putting an end to life, one cannot achieve anything. There are alternatives always, and if one door closes, another one opens up. All you have to do is look for that door and do well in life. Committing suicide is a really sinful thing to do.

Minol D’souza, Student
It is utter foolishness to put an end to one’s life just because you didn’t fare well in an exam. There is an amazing life beyond these exams. I know many people who got less marks in PUC but got through the supplementary exams and are doing well now. A sportive attitude is necessary which will help one during such low times.

Claude , Student
First and foremost, have self confidence. Don’t lose heart as soon as you see your results. Think about your parents, friends and loved ones who rely on you. Problems come to everyone. Put in your best and leave the rest to God. Never think of something like committing suicide as there is more to life than exams.

Jud Felix, Student
Being overconfident before the exam and then losing all the confidence after the results, is something the students should stop doing. Firstly, they must think of how to tackle failure and face it rather than putting an end to everything. Why not keep it bay by studying everything bit by bit and then revise it well during exam? You won’t feel burdened and failure won’t knock on your door.