Moderate drinkers have better health


Moderate drinkers have better health

Researchers found that most of the health benefits in drinkers were not a direct result of the alcohol, but due to indirect links such as being less stressed, engaging in more physical activity and enjoying a better social status.

“Moderate alcohol intake is a powerful marker of a higher social level, superior general health status and lower cardiovascular risk,” said Boris Hansel, of the Hospital of Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris, who led the study. He stressed, however, that the study did not show any causal links, and should not be used as evidence to promote alcohol.

Excessive drinking is associated with chronic liver disease, many cancers, alcohol poisoning, fetal alcohol syndrome and heart disease, and alcohol is to blame for 2.3 million deaths globally each year.

Hansel studied 1,50,000 French people and split them into four groups — those who never drank, low level drinkers (less than 10 grams of alcohol a day) moderate drinkers (10g-30g) and heavy drinkers (more than 30g). He found that low and moderate drinking groups of both men and women had better health than those who never drank or drank more.

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