The waiting game

The waiting game

Make them laugh; make them cry; make them wait is supposed to be the recipe for serial novels. And, of course, TV serials. Waiting is unavoidable. We wait patiently, anxiously or helplessly.

This cellphone generation might refuse to believe that there was a time when one had to wait for years for a phone connection; now we wait for the phone call. Likewise, there was a waiting list even for the lowly scooter but today you can walk into a showroom and drive off with a car! No need to wait.

But there are other things for which the waiting game continues.

Waiting for the rain god to smile is a ritual every year. If it starts pouring we wait for the rain to stop. When the load-shedding is on we wait patiently, and of course helplessly, for the power supply to be restored.

A BPL card holder waits for blue kerosene and his face lights up when he eyes the vendor of that coloured fuel. His or her wait has ended but the wait for the next quota is just days away. BMTC commuters are used to waiting and the wait appears to be eternal because the bus one wants to catch will be usually going in the opposite direction. Are you in a hurry, sir? But you will have to wait for a kindly auto driver who will take you where you want to go.

Those in love know what waiting means. Till the sweetheart makes her appearance the wait appears to be timeless and Einstein looks relevant with his theory of relativity. Ask those employed how they wait after assessment for the contract to be renewed or for an increment or promotion. No one waits for the pink slip.

If one is looking for a job he will first wait for the advertisement and after sending in the CV waits for the call letter and look for an influential person to put in a word. Still studying? Then of course you wait for the result. If you are the captain of your team you wait for your bowlers to achieve a breakthrough when the batsmen are on a leather hunt.

Sonia Gandhi is waiting for Rahul to occupy his father’s chair. Deve Gowda is waiting for his grandson to become a minister. Yeddyurappa is waiting for an opportunity to reinstate Shobha.

Me? Of course I wait for this middle to be published! And the wait seems to be eternal.