Barrage at Bhadra backwaters almost complete

The project will help 12,000 people

The project, which was sanctioned under the Centre’s Scheme in 2004, was planned to cater to the water demand of population of 2,031. According to the 2001 survey, the town’s population was 7,441 and currently it has been increased to 7,800. The new project has been designed to supply water for 12,000 people in future.

As per the plan, 70 per cent of the population will be provided with 70 liters of water per day, while 30 per cent will get 40 liters per day. A barrage of 170 meter length and 4 meter height has been constructed across Bakrihalla in Bhadra backwaters area near new bridge at Menasuru. The water stored in the barrage will be sufficient for the town for six months.
The water from the barrage will be pumped using 12 HP motor to the processing plants and later will be supplied to residents through pumphouses. Though citizens anticipate a hike in the water tariff with the commissioning of new barrage, officials clarified that there is no possibility for an increase in the bill. Town Panchayat President B S Ashish Kumar told Deccan Herald that there is no proposal of increasing the tariff at present.

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