How to enjoy a marathon

How to enjoy a marathon


How to enjoy a marathon

In 2008, the City became the favoured destination for national and international marathons, making it a part of the ‘Road Running Revolution’. Over the years, it has drawn hundreds of marathon fans who come down just for the “experience of running in Bangalore”. On the eve of the Sunfeast World 10k Marathon, ‘marathon celebrities’ offer tips on how to achieve speed and endurance as well as enjoy the run to its fullest.  

Model-actor Milind Soman Milind Soman
 If you really have to prepare for a marathon you need to initially begin with running for half an hour every day and also include a little bit of walking as well.
  Practice running over a period of time. Start off with running for half an hour every day, followed by some brisk walking.
 On weekends you could run for about 30 to 35 minutes and increase it by 10 minutes every month. Eventually extend it to one hour.
  The most important thing is to condition your body over a period of time. Preparing for a marathon does not mean changing your diet or eating less. Eat healthy food. The human body is sophisticated, it just needs to be trained and it functions efficiently.
  It is wrong to expend calories more than you absorb.  
 You are fit when your body is able to perform its functions efficiently. n  I run about three times a week. I try to cover 12-20 km during the week, and on weekends I run for about two to three hours.
 Train your mind and your body will automatically function, and you will be able to do long distances.
  Wear the right kind of shoes.

Rahul Bose
I do not have a specific regimen for the marathon in particular, but being an athlete all my life I have a workout schedule that I follow regularly. I run between 12-15 km one day of the week and the remaining days I do yoga and a variety of sports including — swimming, squash, rugby, tennis and badminton.
This variance in my workout is aimed at avoiding monotony and this keeps me refreshed me every single day.

I believe that running is a rare unifying power in this world that does not need money. People can run barefoot and people who can afford the luxury of owning a pair of fancy shoes can also run. Running does not need any elaborate equipment or any special talent. Running is something we don’t need to pay for and hence the power of money does not come into the picture.
The marathon provides a platform of equality to all.
Road running is the greatest equaliser as it brings everyone together there is no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste or gender.
So see you all at the run and all the best!

Model-actress Gul PanagGul Panag
I am very excited to be a part of the marathon in Bangalore. It’s nice to be a part of a community. It’s a lot of fun and it generates a lot positive energy. It’s great when a city comes together for a celebration. 10K is also a distance which can be covered easily. So all I can say is come and be a part of the run.

Fitness tips
I was initiated into being fit from a very young age. I have been running from the age of 14.
I make it a point to work out every day for about 45 minutes.
 I exercise to stay fit and gain more stamina.
 I swim twice a week and follow this up with weight training.
 I cycle six times a week.


 I believe in eating less but more frequently. I make sure I eat something every two hours.
 I am a vegetarian. I usually eat chapatis, rice, vegetables and fruits.  
 I think a basic exercise routine helps to stay fit. Fitness is about being able to work for 12-13 hours a day and not be tired. It means you need to push your tolerance level.
 Fitness in India is not ingrained into the daily lives of people. As society progresses, people are realising, more and more, that life is about being physically, mentally and spiritually fit.

Anu Vaidyanathan
A marathon encourages people from various walks of life come together and celebrate the spirit of oneness and healthy living. We deal with a lot of stress every day and an event like this gives us a chance to put everything behind and get motivated to live healthy.  I am glad to be a part of the run, especially because I represent  Iksha Foundation that supports children affected by retinoblastoma.
I believe that the magic lies in consistency. If you are looking at preparing for a marathon, then train four times a week and give yourself about 16 weeks to get set.
 Start running for 20 minutes each time you run and decide the length of your run depending on how you feel.
 As the weeks progress, step it up to 45 minutes.
 Follow this for 16 weeks.
 If you are 35 years old and above visit the gym once a week to build your stamina.

Eat sensibly.
 Eat a lot of nutrient-rich foods. Include a lot of green vegetables, milk, sprouts, whole grains and fibre-rich foods in your meals.
 Drink a lot of water and supplement your diet with natural juices.
Moderation is the key. Think small portions.
 Stay away from processed food, packaged, and fast food.
 Avoid food like pizzas, burgers, fries, high sugar drinks.

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