Setting an example

Setting an example

First Festivity

Setting an example

The ACS College of Engineering celebrated its first annual day Spandana 2010 recently. The new-sprung institution, which came into existence barely a year ago, marked the successful completion of its first academic year. Dr A C Shanmugam, Chairman, RR Group of Institutions; Dr M Murugesh, Rector, RRGI; and Dr A Nanda Kumar, Principal, ACSCE; were present on the occasion.

The festive mood was evident on the faces of students as they were the first batch to celebrate the day. Naturally, the sense of belonging to the institution was high and each one of them was working hard to make the day a grand success. According to Rakesh from the department of computer science, who was decorating the stage with flowers along with friends, to be the first batch of a college is not an easy task. “When we entered this college, there was no one to guide us. Whenever we needed to conduct festivals and sports activities, it meant a lot work for us. There was no trend to follow as we had to start a new one for our successors in all areas.”

The whole college was brimming with joy and there was no dearth of funny incidents. Unaware of a bunch of leaves glued to his back, a boy was roaming around in the campus with everyone laughing at him. Finally, when some girls brought things to his notice, he had no choice but to chase his mischievous friends.

The event took a colourful turn when the cultural events started. Shruti, from the department of civil engineering, performed a solo bharatanatyam dance and kept the crowd engrossed with her tireless recital. She effortlessly demonstrated some complex and difficult movements and performed to beautiful compositions.

Rohit Patel, from mechanical department, kept the audience captive by singing Pehli Nazar Nein Kaisa Jaadoo Kar Diya from the film Race and Neeraj Jaswal from the same department crooned some old classical songs. Mohan and group performed an amazing mad ads which left the audience in pools of laughter.

Sanjay and group demonstrated some complex and difficult movements in their group dance and performed to the Ringa Ringa song from Arya 2. Binu N F from civil engineering, who presented Tu Hi Re from the movie Bombay, infused the romantic spirit of the song in the auditorium as the students joined him in chorus.