'DNA report will come in a week'

'DNA report will come in a week'

“The forensic experts which arrived from Hyderabad have taken all the materials needed for the confirmation of the body. They have left for Hyderabad on Sunday night itself,” he told Deccan Herald.

Till these reports arrive, the unidentified bodies will be preserved in the mortuaries. After conducting post mortems of these bodies, the hospitals will then deliver the bodies to the relatives, he added.

District Surveillance Officer Dr Rajesh said: “the unidentified bodies will be kept in cold storage boxes which is like freezer where the temperature will be between minus 10 degree and minus 20 degree. It will totally freeze the body. Hence, there is no question of decomposing. In fact, with the help of cold chain boxes, bodies can be kept for years together. The cold chain box is like a tray attached to the box. After keeping the body on the tray, it will be pushed inside the box and locked,” he added.

Unidentified bodies

Unidentified bodies are kept in cold chains at Tejaswini hospital—2, KMC (Attavara) —3, Fr Muller’s Hospital (Kankanady)—4, Colacco Hospital—4, SCS Hospital—2, KSHEMA—5 and City Hospital—2.