Rat race for fame begins

Rat race for fame begins

As many as 11 persons who claim to have worked at the spot to clear the mangles say that some newspapers have published reports saying Sameer was the one who rescued Sabrina Nazreen Huq, a student of KMC Manipal, which is far from truth.

Addressing a news conference on Wednesday, Sathish Devadiga, one of the 11 informed that he and his friends had Dr Sabrina, the only female survivor, from the spot.  “Since the blast occurred in my backyard, my brother and me were the first ones to reach the spot. We with 8 others including Mohommad Sameer had rescued the 7 survivors. However, it was unfair that media and police recognized only Sameer’s work,” Sathish said.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Satish said that they found Sabrina lying unconscious by the wreckage. Hence, they lifted Sabrina and started walking downhill. Suddenly, the blast occurred behind them. The boys say that Sabrina saved their lives indirectly.

Recalling some other heart wrenching episodes, the men informed that there was a child crying for help on the other side of the burning aircraft but before they could reach to her, there was the blast after, which silenced the baby forever.

Sathish recalled that there was a man under a heavy aircraft body who pleaded to be pulled out, but they could not despite continued efforts. Ultimately, the man asked for a glass of water but they failed to fulfil the man’s last wish because they were on the hill, far from water source. By the time they could ask one of them to get some water the man died in the explosion.

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