Painting the town white!

Painting the town white!

Style quotient

Painting the town white!

Fashion designer Krishna Mehta tells Metrolife that there’s nothing as classy and stylish like a good white shirt. While many may relate it to a dress code, there is so much one can do with the shirt. “There is much scope in this garment, one can easily dress it up and tone it down according to the occasion,” she adds.

Like all shirts, one must be very careful with the kind of fit it provides as it can make or break the entire look. Krishna suggests that someone with a slim figure can go in for a slim fit while a straight fit shirt gives a flattering look for those on the heavier side. “Don’t go in for too many fancy buttons or embroidery. Keep it plain and simple. If you must experiment, then do it with what you team up the shirt with,” she adds.

The beauty of the white shirt is that one can never go wrong with it. One can wear it with almost anything. For the day, Krishna says, things can be kept casual by teaming it up with jeans, shorts and even leggings. “As for the night, smart pencil skirts and formal trousers will give one the desired formal look,” she adds.

Bored with same front-buttoned shirt? Then, Krishna suggests different cuts which will give an added flavour to one’s personality, like the side-open shirt, the wrap-around shirt, the over-sized ones and even the yoke styled one. One can even try out the different sleeves that are available. “What’s really in vogue is the dress shirt. It’s nothing but a long shirt which comes around the knees teamed up with a big belt, making it look like a dress,” she says. The dress shirt that is fast catching on, is something, many say, that is so convenient that one can wear it during the day, night and even leisure time.
But accessories like scarves, bracelets and necklaces are what transforms the whole look. “The scarf is something I would never leave the house without. A beautiful scarf can do wonders to a white shirt. It can be worn in so many different ways and it simply adds colour to your face and to the place,” she says. 

One cannot forget the jackets, cardigans and vests. Wear any one of these over your shirt and you are sure to make heads turn. “A good fit jacket or vest can give a smart look and will also make the torso a lot leaner,” she adds. While one can never run out of too many white shirts, there is one argument that white gets dirty quickly. But the fact is it looks so good that it sure is worth every rupee invested on it.

Beat the summer heat

Marella Gilbert, manager sales and marketing, says that there is nothing better than a white shirt for office. “As a working professional, many times I have to go out after work. That’s when the white shirt comes in handy. Not only does it look formal for work but it is also apt for an informal meet with friends later on,” says Marella, who usually teams her white shirts with jeans, formal trousers or skirts. With the City getting hotter by the minute, Marella says that a good white shirt can help handle the heat. “I never get tired of a white shirt, especially during the summer,” she says. By accessorising it with colourful necklaces, chains or even a bright-coloured scarf, you can wear it for any occasion, she adds.

Any time wear

* White shirt is a great buy to beat the heat. And an apt wear for any occasion.
* There are no fashion faux pas when it comes to the white shirt.
* Experiment with different cuts that are available.
* Accessories like belts, scarves, and necklaces, help transform the look on the whole.