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The cover story dated June 7 ‘Can vegetarians save the world’ is directionless. The authors should have provided some solution to the problem rather than highlighting the problem itself. I would also like to add that all vegetarians are not Hitlers.

Bangalore rural

Your Sunday Herald articles are very good and some of them are important as they have an impact on us and the world around us.

H N Ramakrishna

Oh! what a waste of intellectual capacity. Ishrat and Kalpana exhibit the same level of intellectual purposelessness as Arundhati Roy does, in her endless rants for every cause worthy of a scream. It is surprising how the armchair idealogues of India write eloquent English articles that theorise and interconnect unrelated issues. I fail to understand what Dr Pachauri’s well-intended advise has to do with genocidal tendencies of vegetarians!

Deepak Alse

The article appears to bring into focus the issue of hunger and depravation as a major cause of concern and not something to debate on eating of meat.

Basith M Mehkri

It was an excellent cover story regarding vegetarianism and the planet, however, the issue got lost somewhere amidst all that fury and resentment. I enjoyed reading Ms Smitha Bhat’s brilliant short story, ‘The Curfew', the lead book review on Zoe Ferraris’ The Night of the Mi’Raj and other articles.

Vasumathi Krishnasami

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