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Open Sesame writer's garden

Open Sesame writer's garden

A Stormy Night

It was one of those days, when I just wanted to be alone- by myself. I shut the door of my bedroom and opened the window, just to feel the fresh air. A gust of icy wind hit my face. I got up, grabbed my shawl and peered aimlessly into the empty darkness.
I suddenly felt a fiercer gust of sharp wind hit my face and could hear the shrill whistle of the wind. It was an eerie sound, yet it didn’t make me uncomfortable. The energetic wind flew through the trees, making the leaves thrash wildly as though swaying to a tribal tune.

A blast of lightning, followed by a huge rumble of thunder sent shivers down my spine, but still I was transfixed at the window. Traces of the silver moon that had been out earlier were visible even though there were black clouds. I felt a few drops of fierce rain trickle down my face from above the mighty sky. 

The light drizzle soon turned into torrents of pouring water. I slowly shut the window, still pretty reluctant. Then out of the blue, a mix of emotions poured out of me- rage, sorrow, happiness and regret.

The rage was for all the bad things stored inside me. The hatred, the jealousy, the lying. I was angry at myself for things I couldn’t handle, for things that were out of my reach.
The sorrow was for times i had shouted at people, just to let out my inner frustrations, though they hadn’t harmed me or anything. It was for unfortunate people who weren’t as lucky as me.

The happiness was for all the memories I have. Happy and sad, because it is a part of my life. The happiness was for all the love I had given and have been given. It was for all the people near and dear to me.

The regret was for things I have done that I never meant to do, things I did before thinking twice. It was for things I never wanted to do, but a little part of my mind was telling me to do it, whereas a bigger, more prominent, part was telling me not to do it. It was the conflict in my mind.

The next thing knew, I had fallen asleep, to the sounds of the howling wind, the rumbling thunder and the heavy rains. The next morning, I was woken up to by the sounds of birds chirping , and, out of the window; I saw the smiling sun and a wonderfully beautiful rainbow.

 When i looked out of the window now, I felt an uncanny calm in myself. The torrent of the previous night had helped me vent out all my mixed emotions and definitely somehow helped me sort out myself. I guess that’s the power of nature!

Shivangi Kajaria
Age 13,
Std. 8
Mallya Aditi International School