'Modelling has become shallow'

'Modelling has become shallow'

Says Yukta Mookhey who is now planning to venture into the small screen with a women-centric talk show

'Modelling has become shallow'

She will soon launch her own production company which will first produce and direct a woman-centric talk show, something on lines of Oprah Winfrey.

Yukta thinks in addition to all the reality shows and saas bahu soaps and other family-oriented shows, we need some show that’s dedicated to women. A show that would get them to talk about their problems.

“I might come across as a feminist. I wouldn’t mind that but I think women need to assert their position and claim their due. We talk a lot about equality but there’s really nothing substantial done to portray women, either in movies or in real life as a solid character,” Yukta said. She says all these shows on skin, beauty and spirituality is all fine but what’s lacking is an uplifting serial on the emancipation of women. Talking about her brush with the big screen, Yukta says she wasn’t too happy with the kind of roles that came her way.

“The characters I wish to play are still out there somewhere, waiting to be explored. It’s high time I got behind the screen,” she says.

Yukta remarks that the world of modelling and fashion isn't the same anymore. The difference is marked, “it has become more shallower and the competition is cut throat. It’s all about getting into a long-flowing gown, looking pretty and giving ‘Mother Teresa’ kind of answers… the essence is missing,” she observes.

Yukta thinks aspiring actors and actresses choose wisely when it comes to movies. They don’t jump the gun, she avers. Even when it comes to showing skin, actresses are conscious, “if the role is strong, I don’t see why young women must show off skin, just to grab that extra bit of attention,” she reasons.

Commenting on the overdose of reality shows, Yukta says she doesn’t really approve
of something like a Swayamvar on television, “if it’s a show that’s dedicated to scouting for real talent, then it’s fine but a show to find your partner literally makes a mockery of the system,” she points.