It's all in the jeans

It's all in the jeans


It's all in the jeans

Choosing the right pair of jeans can be quite a harrowing experience. And every woman, who sports jeans, would know it. Yet, jeans is among the most comfortable outfits as it can go with just about anything, a short top or even a kurta. There are people who swear by their pair of jeans and literally live in it. But you have to be able to choose the right pair of jeans, the one that fits the shape of your body. Metrolife spoke to Delhi-based designer Jattinn Kochhar and asked him to make this herculean task a lot easier. 

Jattinn observes that jeans must be chosen in keeping with one’s body shape, as in whether he or she is fat, has a big bottom and big hips, has short or long legs and the overall appearance. While jeans is the most comfortable garment to slip into, there’s also a certain amount of thought that goes into picking the right pair of jeans.

Jattinn reasons that the bottom is where most of the women tend to put on a lot of weight. But this shouldn’t deter them from wearing jeans. “Always buy a low-riding pair of jeans, which will minimise your bottom. Styles with a relaxed fit are just perfect. Remember tight or too tight-fitting jeans will make you look even more bulky than you actually are,” says Jattinn.

The cuts and styles matter a great deal and could go a long way in camouflaging the problematic areas such as large hips, for instance. “Choose generously-cut styles and the other option is to try slightly flared ones to even out proportions of the jeans,” suggests Jattinn.

The average Indian is not too tall. That’s exactly why it becomes imperative to pick a pair of jeans in keeping with your height. For the short ones, Jattinn observes that a narrow straight-leg or boot cut style, which elongate the leg would fit well.  Those also give you enough to cover your high heels. Also, if you are one of those who has a good figure and wouldn’t mind highlighting it then Jattinn thinks it best to buy a button front hip-huggers that fit well.

 There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to footwear and accessories because jeans give you the freedom to experiment and explore different styles and even invent your own. “Embellish your clothes and accessories with stars, sparkles, rhinestones or sequins,” Jattinn sums up.

All of 24, Shalini Bhattacharya, a consultant, doesn’t think one needs to have a perfect figure to look good in a pair of jeans. She says she always looks for jeans that are most flattering to one’s body type. “For instance, high waist jeans give you an instant tummy tuck, darker coloured denims make you appear slimmer and a straight cut adds to your height,” Shalini told Metrolife.

Shalini prefers keeping it simple, with a dark pair of low waist skinny jeans teamed with a long top. “To dress it up, I accessorise with belts and a nice pair of shoes to complete the look,” she observes.

But there are a few things Shalini is particular about. High on the list is comfort and she says that one must look for jeans which stretch as they give one a better fit. “When in doubt, keep it simple and make sure you alter jeans for the perfect fit,” she says. 
However, there are a few things one must bear in mind while buying jeans. Never be in a hurry.

“It’s always best to steer clear of jeans that crease in front. You don’t have to follow the latest trend. It may not always flatter your body type,” she wraps up. 

When you buy jeans

*Buy a pair that fits you correctly.
* Dress in the right time period.
* Dress for the right occasion.
* Find your own original style.
* Start new trends.
* Get some natural hair highlights.
* Be confident about your look.

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