Mom reunited with Aussie miracle twins

Tale of survival
Last Updated 22 July 2010, 15:59 IST

Trishna and Krishna, born with their skulls and brains fused, were separated in a complex 32-hour operation last December after being rescued from a Dhaka orphanage by Australian aid workers convinced they faced death.

Their survival through the risky surgery was hailed as a miracle around the world.
The girls’ mother, Lovely Mallick, had given them up shortly after birth in the hope they would receive medical care.

Mallick, 24, finally met her three-year-old daughters in Melbourne after flying there to see them earlier this month, Australian guardian Moira Kelly said on Thursday, speaking for the first time about the family’s reunion.

“The last time she saw her children was horrific for any human being, so it was very important to create a very special memory for her now, because it was going to be something that was implanted in her heart and her mind,” Kelly said. “Trishy came up and warmed to us so beautifully and hugged the two of us, started wiping our tears, and of course mum then just put her arms around the little girl. It gives me goosebumps now, it was a really special moment.”

Though the girls are to remain in Australia until they are older and in better health, Kelly said she would “love” them to eventually return to Bangladesh, and added she wanted Mallick to remain part of their lives.

(Published 22 July 2010, 15:59 IST)

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