Rs 12.6 cr surplus budget for MUDA

The budget was presented by MUDA Commissioner P C Jayanna, at the meeting held here on Monday.  The surplus budget of Rs 126.44 lakh for the year 2009-2010, is anticipating a revenue of Rs 34,590.00 lakh from various sources.

The authority has focussed its attention on development programmes such as allotment of sites, houses for the poor and homeless, infrastructure for drinking water supply and laying of roads.

The MUDA has earmarked a total of Rs 7665.36 lakh for development of layouts, out of which Rs 6751 lakh has been set aside for development of new layouts, Rs 472.00 lakh for development of parks, Rs 118.50 lakh for development of lakes, Rs 1636.00 lakh for works related to UGD and other basic facilities.

As much as Rs 1000.00 lakh has been earmarked for construction of new layouts for the economically weaker section, Rs 500.00 lakh for houses for SCs/STs, Rs 398.75 lakh for construction of a new sports complex in Vijayanagar first stage, Rs 200.00 lakh for development of graveyards, Rs 80.00 lakh for construction of beggars and destitute rehabilitation centre.

The authority has also reserved Rs 250 lakh for revision of the master plan (CDP). Rupees 7500.00 lakh has been earmarked for acquisition of land, Rs 70.00 lakh for repayment of public deposit, Rs 84.00 lakh for repayment of loans, Rs 1367.00 lakh for administrative and other expenses.

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