Great chance for Lanka to become No 1: Sanga

Should Kumar Sangakkara’s men win the ongoing series against India by a margin of 2-0 or better, they will dislodge India from the summit and occupy top-dog status. In the event of that transpiring, it will inevitably trigger further discussions about the rankings system that allows a team to reach the number one status without ever winning a Test series in the three countries ranked immediately below it.

Only on Thursday, the Sri Lankan skipper had casually queried India’s position at the helm. Faced with the prospect of his own team ascending the throne despite not winning Test series in India, Australia and South Africa, Sangakkara had this to say, “It’s great opportunity for us. It’ll be good if we can covert it. Hopefully, it’ll be an added motivation for us.”

Sangakkara had tried to explain Lanka’s poor overseas record in the immediacy of the Galle victory. In the last ten years, the Lankans have won just 11 of 39 Tests, six of them against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. “I don’t think we have played enough Tests away,” Sangakkara had said.

“Two Test matches here, two Tests there, I think that’s not good. We need to play Tests regularly. We have a very good balanced attack of pace and spin. From 2006 onwards, we have done well in Test cricket. We have won in New Zealand, England and Pakistan. South Africa, Australia and India are the three places that we need to win in, and we need to play often in those places.”

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