This is 'Nammura shaale'

This is 'Nammura shaale'

Classrooms leak and walls have developed cracks

This is 'Nammura shaale'

The CMC schools have its own history. The CMC schools are situated at Shanthi Church, Hill Road and near Gadduge. In fact, Muslims, Christians and Kodava leaders had donated land for the construction of schools and paved the way for the education of poor. Poor children pursue their education in these schools.

The CMC school situated on Hill Road is full of problems. 75 students are pursuing their education from I to VII standard in the school. The two classrooms are in dilapidated condition. As a result, I to IV classes are carried out in one classroom.

When a teacher takes class for one class, the children of other classes are made to write. The walls have developed cracks and might collapse at any moment. The classrooms are in dangerous situation. If the heavy rains lash the region, then there are all possibility of these classrooms getting collapsed.

The toilet is also in dilapidated condition. The authorities should lock the toilet before any untoward incident takes place. The classrooms also leak during the heavy rains. There is no proper arrangement made for the rain water to flow. The lack of storm water drains aggravates the situation in the school premises.

The school was started in 1918. Several discussions were held to hand over the school to the state government for its maintenance. However, the CMC do not have proper documents on the donation of the school land by the donors. Hence, it was not in a position to transfer the school to the state government for its maintenance.

The elected representatives have been assuring to repair the school. However, no action has been taken so far, said the parents. If the school building is repaired, then hundreds of children may pursue their studies. Will the authorities turn their eyes towards the school and repair it before any untoward incidents take place in the school.