Glued to the thriller

Glued to the thriller


Striking Duo: A scene from 8 Femmes.

After the hair and fashion show, the second day at the French Festival, ‘Celebrate France’, was a mix of fun and creativity. Along with other activities during the day, the evening saw the screening of the award winning French film, 8 Femmes, by Francois Ozon, organised by UTV World Movies.

Held at the Seven Hotel, the musical-comedy was about a murder that had taken place in a country house. The owner of the house who was murdered had left the eight residents, all women, stranded in the winter landscape with only themselves as suspects and as detectives. As each tries to solve the mystery, while perhaps hiding their own guilt, we are offered a head spinning number of motives, alibis and versions of events. With a tagline like ‘Living in a house full of women can be murder’, the movie sure did have a very Agatha Christie feel attached to it. And it captured the fancy of most of the guests who were glued till the end of the film. 

The festival saw a mix of guests from all walks of life attending and experiencing the other activities during the day like, the French cooking       lessons, a traditional game of bowls on earth called Petanque, was played by the guests at the festival. Following that was the wine tasting session, with a wine expert from Bangalore-based Naka Wines, who shared her thoughts on various types of wine and the food that goes well with each of them. This was also followed by a blind wine tasting game.

After the film, the guests were treated to a scrumptious dinner.