Speaking her mind eloquently

Speaking her mind eloquently

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Speaking her mind eloquently

 Outspoken: Mandira Bedi DH photo by Manjunath M S Mandira Bedi has come a long way from her debut in Shanti: Ek Ghar Ki Kahaani.
A bundle of energy, Mandira confesses that people don’t know what to do with her. “You won’t believe it, I’ve got so many offers to do item numbers. But that’s not true cinema. People think I am cut out to do such stuff. I am not here to do just about anything for fame and money,” she told Metrolife.

Well into her thirties, Mandira makes sure she stays young and fit. “I watch my diet and my weight. In fact, I’ve put on a few extra kilos and can’t wait to get it all off. I exercise a lot and make it a point to stay in shape,” says Mandira, who’s particular about the clothes fitting her well.

And to spice it up a little she has streaked her hair all brown and gold. She says she can’t resist the thought of getting it painted purple. “I get bored with my hair so fast. Now that I’ve cut it short, I’d like to experiment a little,” she avers.

Mandira recalls that there were a few good and even bad decisions she’s made in her life. “There have been ups and downs. I’ve been left at crossroads not knowing what to do next but I guess that was all for good,” she says.

Ask her how she bursts into verbal diarrhoea on any topic and she says, “Whatever you do honestly will be noticed and it will pay off. If you have a basic knowledge of things happening around you then the rest will simply fall in place."

She hopes to direct a film someday, “I would like to work on women-based fiction film. You may brand me a feminist but I don’t care. I believe in equality and think issues related to women need to be highlighted,” she observes.

Bangalore is second home to Mandira. She pops in and out of the City quite often, “I must complain that the traffic has got worse. It takes nothing less than an hour to travel from one place to another. That’s the only bad part about the City,” she signs off.