Embracing the beauty

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Embracing the beauty

Hot:  The new Audi on display. dh photos by Vasu M N

A giant, opaque balloon which looked like a mist filled egg sat in the centre of the darkened stage eking out the moment of anticipation for the gathered crowd who were looking forward to the launch of the new Audi Q5. As signs of life appeared and what appeared to be an alien creature cloaked in flashing light bulbs stirred in the cavernous interiors. It finally emerged to perform an exotic dance to entertain the crowd and build up that edgy moment of anticipation before the diva of the evening finally made her appearance on stage.

Amidst laser and sound effects, the winner of the Golden Steering Wheel and the Best Off-Roader in Europe in 2009, the sporty, the versatile SUV from Audi, the Q5 was driven gently on stage by Martin Birkner, marketing head, Audi India and K Subramanian, CEO, Audi Bangalore. The LED running lights flashing impressively to the gasps of admiration from the crowd.

“We are very proud of this model, the Q5 which stands testament to Audi’s commitment to innovation and sophistication. The market for the SUV segment has seen tremendous growth in this country during the last few years. We are also sure that driven by our philosophy of 'Vorsprung durch Technik' (Excellence in technology) the Audi Q5 will become a benchmark for style, performance, safety, comfort and driving dynamics in its segment. It joins its ‘big brother’ Audi Q7 in creating a new market for the smaller luxury SUV admirer in the country,” said Martin.

Barely had the engines been switched off, the crowd swarmed onto the stage closely inspecting the interiors and getting behind the steering wheel while the shutterbugs went crazy. Many ladies took the opportunity to strike provocative poses smiling enticingly for the camera as they draped themselves in or around the car.

“If you are in the market for a good, comfortable and well appointed SUV that makes a statement, yet is easy to manage in Indian conditions, then this is the car for you,” said K Subramanian as he pointed out the special features to the prospective buyers.

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