Nothing impressive about it


Nothing impressive about it

Every year, the show boasts of a good collection of flowers and showcases the expertise of the people who arrange the flowers.

The show houses an impressive collection of plants and flowers exposing the wonders of nature. But this time, Bangaloreans didn’t think the show was up to the mark.

There was no variety in the flowers used and there was nothing new about the arrangement. The lotus pond, aquarium and fountains were under maintenance and there was nothing else to look forward to. Bangaloreans spoke to Metrolife on what they thought about the flower show


“This year’s attraction, the ‘India Gate’, failed to grab the attention of the visitors. The flowers which were used to shape the structure looked very dull. The funny thing was that roses and marigold were placed at the same place as they were last year. The show was well-organised last year because there were teddy bears, rabbits, fish, elephants, deer and dinosaur — all made with flowers. It was more creative and enjoyable then.”

Retired Engineer

“The floral replicas should have been arranged in such a manner so as to get a feel of the fragrance and a better view of the flowers. Visitors should be allowed to come closer to the flowered structures to enjoy its beauty. Whenever I’ve seen flower shows, I used to tell my friends and relatives not to miss the opportunity. But this time, if you had missed the expo, there was nothing to lose. There was a rose show some six years back which was more attractive and magnificent than this.” 


“I am disappointed with this year’s floral expo. The presence of bright and colourful flowers were missing. I heard that last year they had used 720 species of flowers to create a dinosaur. This time, there was not much variety. But I visited the show with a large group of friends and was disappointed. They could have made the show more attractive.”

Uma Ravishankar

“I went to the expo with great expectations but I was disappointed. Looks like the organisers are losing interest as the years go by. Two years back, they had created the Vijayanagar Empire. The Hampi stone chariot was resurrected with flowers. That was awesome. But this year, it was such a flop show.”


“I had taken my daughter for the exhibition. Only children enjoyed this year’s floral show as they get excited on seeing anything new. I was not happy with this year’s show as it lacked variety. We didn’t see a single lotus in the lotus pond and the pond was filled with mud. The aquarium was also under construction.”


“Flower shows have always been very successful and we always had the opportunity to see creativity at its best. This time while coming for the flower show, I had a feeling that a big surprise would await me at the ‘India Gate’. But, I was totally disappointed. It turned out to be a flop show as there was nothing creative nor innovative about it.”

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