'That's really chic!'

Changing times

'That's really chic!'

Fashion has always been an integral part of movies. From the short tight kurtas worn by Mumtaz to the purple sari draped by Madhuri in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, clothes, with a touch of style, are known to attract the attention of audience. But in the recent past there has been an increasing influx of films where the style of the leading lady overpowers the movie itself.

The sequel to Hollywood movie Sex and the City was made on the conviction that there would be enough women, who would flock the theatre to watch good clothes. And it turned out to be true. Metrolife interacted with young ladies to find out if they actually went to movie halls to watch designer wear.

“Girls don’t mind such things at all. They will go to the theatre to watch how the stars carry themselves in a movie,” says Pooja, a student. “It’s crazy but many girls went and saw Kambakth Ishq to just see Kareena’s clothes,” says Tenzin, an IT professional. It doesn’t matter if the movie sucks because women get their money’s worth watching people walk around in pretty things.

“I go and watch movies for the outfits. I am also a fashion student, so it helps me otherwise too,” says Indu, another student. “A lot of girls also saw Love Aaj Kal to see the kurtas and ethnic clothes that Deepika Padukone had worn,” adds Pooja. But don’t the steep ticket prices act as a deterrent for many? “No one cares really,” says Rashmi, a professional. “As long as the clothes are worth it,” she adds.

“I remember when I had gone to watch the film Devdas. I had seen women sitting in the hall discussing the lehengas and saris. It was weird,” says Aditya, a professional. Today, movies especially blockbusters, have turned into an entertaining fashion extravaganza for the middle-class families, who don’t buy fashion magazines from the stands but nevertheless want to know what is fashionable.

“Fashion has become a big thing in movie now. Gone are the days when the heroine used to sport hideous hairdos and bloated dresses and still got away with it,” says Neha, a professional.

And it’s no wonder that designers have a major say in the movies now, giving a distinct look to a star or to the whole cast. “Some movies turn out to be a 120-minute fashion show with song and dance routines,” says Parul, an IT professional.

“There was nothing in Aisha, except for the nice clothes,” says Aditi, a marketing professional. As it turns out, while some directors are able to mix designer clothes with the storyline to come up with an entertaining movie, others just forget that when the script is lost there is nothing to see in the movie. But no one is complaining!    

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