Rowdy roadies to be made to pay

Heavy fines await rash and drunken drivers, as police try to reform traffic in the city

Rowdy roadies to be made to pay

 A traffic constable seen slapping fines on violators in Chikkaballapur. DH photo
Traffic violations, common in the town, will be viewed with much disfavour by traffic police constables who are part of the new Traffic Police Station. They are being deployed in prominent locations in the city with a clear mandate to deal strongly with violations of traffic rules, with a view to improve the movement of traffic.

New projects

The Department conducted a study of traffic violations in important parts of the city like Shidlaghatta Circle and Junior College Circle, before implementing new traffic-related programmes.

Drivers park their vehicles in a haphazard manner on the prominent Bangalore-Bellary Road, and most drive recklessly. Ignoring traffic signals, riding triple on two-wheelers, speaking into mobile phones while driving, autorickshaw drivers not wearing uniform, and other acts of lawlessness are listed by the Traffic Police who have fixed the rates of fine according to the nature of violation of rule.

Stringent enforcement

Fines are being imposed for violation of traffic rules since many days. But this has only gotten stricter since the opening of the new Traffic Police Station. “We collect more than Rs 2,000 in fines, in our attempt to check traffic rule violation,” Traffic Sub-inspector Nyaz Baig told DHNS.

The most common violations are speaking into mobile phones and jumping signals. Most instances of violations take place at the Shidlaghatta Circle and the Junior College Circle. People continue to violate rules despite deploying Traffic Police at these places. “We are forced to turn more stringent to bring in some order,” complained Baig.

There are also frequent cases of people being caught driving after consuming liquor. If the driver is proven guilty, his vehicle is confiscated. He can get it back only after paying a fine of Rs 1,500 in the court. “He is also warned not to drive again in a state of intoxication,” he added.

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