Garbage collection work launched

 The Dwarakamahi Sthreeshakti Association of Kataripalya has been given the responsibility of collecting the garbage. In the first phase, the garbage will be collected from sixth ward and 11th to 14th wards.

City Municipal Council  president Nazeer Ahmad inaugurated the scheme for the first phase in Kolar. In the first phase, one autorickshaw has been deployed and after the response from the public two more will be deployed, said CMC environment officer Mohan Kumar. For the disposal of the garbage a five acre land has been identified, he added.

Members Murali Gowda, Ravi Kumar, CMC environment officer Mohan Kumar, members of the association were present.

The City Municipal Council offers Rs 1.20 lakh of subsidy for the Sthreeshakthi Associations to purchase autorickshaws for collection of garbage and disposal. Pragathi Rural Bank also offers financial assistance to them. 

The members of the Association who collect garbage from each house will collect Rs 20 as monthly fee. This scheme not only helps in maintaining the city clean but also helps the members of the Sthreeshakti Associations to become self reliant.

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