BJP swears by Hindutva

Rajnath owns up responsibility for party debacle in LS election

 “Success is a collective credit and failure is a collective responsibility,”  the party resident asserted in the light of demands from dissidents, during the last two-weeks, for fixing accountability for the poll debacle.

The  two-day meeting opened in the backdrop of a random debate that the party might evolve a new ‘moderate’ agenda for itself.

Singh reaffirmed party’s faith on “Hindutva” and rejected what he described as “a propaganda” that the defeat of the BJP symbolised rejection of ideology of Hindutva by the people.

Singh sought to put the concept of Hindutva on a broader frame, negating its “narrow” interpretations.

“Hindutva has not emerged out of a political resolution from the Parliamentary board or executive of a party or organisation, it is the national identity of India. On account of this very identity, the political nature of India is inherently democratic,”  he said in his presidential address.

Expanding the meaning of ‘Hindutva,’ Singh said it is such a geo-cultural concept which has a sense of respect and a place for everyone and it is a concept of co-existence which has made it “so benevolent and flexible.”

The party president said: “To associate  a vast concept such as Hindutva with politics of power is nothing but one’s own lack of understanding.”

Ideology flow

He pointed out that ideology “is a perpetual flow” and those confused about it should think about it.

“ We need not ever be confused about Hindutva,” Singh said. In the backdrop of allegation that the party was putting a “premium on failure,” Singh  went on to own up responsibility for the poll debacle but only after reminding all that no single person should be held accountable for the failure. 

“Yes, if anyone feels that any person should take the responsibility,  then,  as the President of the party, I am willing to take this responsibility,” he said. A key aide of senior leader L K Advani recently said “collective responsibility can often become a mask for persons in key positions at the centre and state levels to evade the individual responsibility.”

Singh, whose message was read out by party’s national spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad, claimed that the verdict of Election 2009 was not a “nationwide defeat” for the party. Prasad, addressing a press conference, said the election result was not a referendum on the BJP’s concept of Hindutva as it had won seats in many places.

“In some places we did perform well, at some places we did not perform as expected, and in some other places we performed badly. But the message is clear that India is heading towards a bi-polar polity,” he said. Drawing attention to BJP’s success in Assembly elections, he said Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh have proven themselves “hundred per cent up to expectations.”

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