Kitchen design recipes

Kitchen design recipes


Kitchen design recipes

It is imperative to have appropriate budgets and your basic requirements in place before the floor plan to take off. You must be clear about how much you would like to allot or put aside for designing your kitchen. This would be the first aspect a kitchen designer would like to know. While planning the budget estimate one must consider some uncertainties. It’s best to set an amount you expect the kitchen to cost and then add variable costs for value additions.

Create a time-frame for the project

The customer should make sure to plan an expected time-frame for the project by getting proper advice from an experienced kitchen designer because the construction of a kitchen design may cause some inconvenience in your routine.

Design style

It is important that the kitchen designer should match the expectations of the owner on the kind of design he wants, unless the owner/resident has a certain style used in the entire house. It’s better to go in-sync with the design flow in one’s home. If the user has no idea about basic requirements in appliances and design, then s/he should do some research through kitchen design magazines, lifestyle publications, catalogues or the Internet. Based on media research, if the house owner is seeking a real feel for things then he should visit prominent kitchen design showrooms in the vicinity.

Ponder on the following

You need to think about the following before you speak to your kitchen designer so that they can plan a kitchen that fits your needs. The space necessary to move about in the kitchen and the essential storage space are important.

Factors that need to be kept in mind during a modular kitchen make-over:

The area/space for the modular kitchen floor plan
The minor adjustments in space and structure
The perfect accessories
The ventilation
Tips to plan your dream kitchen
Plan your kitchen during the stage of construction itself.

Consult a specialist and think of the alternative layouts for the kitchen platform.
Consider what suits one’s home and then opt for a modular kitchen or a regular kitchen built in granite.

Consider the position of the sink, gas stove and the refrigerator as per your requirement, circulation and comfort level of the so-called ‘work triangle’.

Make use of the concept of kitchen baskets and accessories. A wide range is available to make your working a pleasant experience. There are baskets and accessories used underneath the kitchen platform and there are ones which can be used above the platform to keep things handy for you. It also helps your kitchen to look great.

One can opt for good quality stainless steel baskets and accessories for better life.
There are different grades in steel like 202, 204, 302 & 304. The best option is to use 304 grade steel which is costly but assures purity. If one wants to go in for an economical option, then 204 grade steel is the one.

Use chimneys for your kitchen. It will help preserve your kitchen and the interiors as well. Go for branded products and check the after-sales service part before you opt for any brand. Use modern range of modular shutters for your kitchen. They stand out from the conventional carpentry works. Maintain your kitchen on a regular basis. Cleaning of cabinets, baskets are necessary. Check channel and hinge alignment frequently. Change the same if required. Do not let water affect them with rust. Excessive use of water can cut down the life of your kitchen.

Contemporary modular kitchens

Modular kitchen designs. Photos: Olive & PineModular kitchens, as the name goes, is a set of modules assembled to form the design of the kitchen.

The cabinets are designed according to the size, length and breadth of the kitchen. In addition, important accessories such as fireplaces, fans and sinks are integrated. These in turn reduce other problems related to the creation of a kitchen. They come in attractive finishes and give the buyer a factor of well-being.

When you opt for a modular kitchen, look out for the following characteristics:

Most of the components must be made of material that is imported.

The stainless steel fittings should be made from imported high quality material with lifetime warranty against rust. There must be a reasonable price and timeframe for delivery and in case of damage to a unit, then only the specific unit must be repaired or replaced. Quality control is a top priority. All wood, laminates, varnishes, lacquers, hinges and hardware used in the units should be non-toxic.  In India, the most common models are along the straight and classical lines. In general, modular kitchens are more likely to be mounted in upscale apartments and bungalows. The models range from classic to fashionable in a wide range of materials, colours, textures and finishes.

Choose from the best brands of modular kitchens and give a new look to your home. The price for the modular kitchen depends on the company’s floor plan and the brands selected for the modules.

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