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Amidst Art: Sandhya Sirsi and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.

At a quiet do last weekend, a group of art connoisseurs gathered to inaugurate art by Sandhya Sirsi, titled All in a line at a city hotel. The show was inaugurated by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, who praised Shireen Malani, the curator of the Renaissance Art Gallerie, for encouraging art in the City. Said Kiran, to the gathering, “During these times of recession, it’s very heartening to see that art is still encouraged in its full glory.”

The exhibition was open for art enthusiasts. Said Sandhya, the artist about her art, “I feel that all emotions and feeling are in a line, and this collection of paintings depict that.
It is my medium to share my inner feelings through my art.”

And true enough, the paintings mostly included simple lines, portrayed with brilliant depth.

The painting ranged from sketches in black and white, to partially coloured, giving a different dimension to art, to the fully coloured oils on canvas, which were pretty rare in collection. The collection also included portraits of famous personalities. By far, the most outstanding was her depiction of daily life captured through her art. From intimate moments between friends, to silent bonding with animals, all were captured perfectly in her black and white sketches. Another of her series that was very captivating was depiction of the idyllic village life, that portrayed labourers at work, such as a coconut man and an elephant mahout. Talking of animals, Sandhya’s love for nature and especially animals was evident from her art. There was almost an entire series devoted to animals, from dogs to elephants to horses, bonding with their human counterparts.

The exhibition portrayed a distinct flavour of love, intimacy and wisdom. And above all universal human connection with nature. After a long days’s work, walking out of the exhibition with those vibrations, was indeed a very pleasant feeling.

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