Berlusconi sinks to new low with his Hitler joke

Addressing a convention of the youth wing of his People of Freedom Party, the billionaire businessman said: "A little after Hitler died his supporters discovered he was in fact still alive.

"They went to look for him to convince him to come back and he replied: 'Yes I will return but on one condition... this time I will be evil, right?'"

The 73-year-old politician, who was embroiled in a sex scandal last year, also went on to give a lengthy lecture hinting at his sexual prowess, the Daily Mail reported.

He told the audience that a string of women wanted to marry him because: "I'm loaded. I'm a nice guy and they think that as I am older, I will die before them and they will get the lot."

And he added: "Legend has it, I know how to do it."
Meanwhile, political opponents have called for Berlusconi to apologise for his remarks.
Fabio Evangelisti of anti-sleaze party Italy of Values said: "We have sadly grown use to these gaffes, outbursts and offences by Berlusconi but to joke about Hitler is a new embarrassing low.

"A head of government making a joke like that in such poor taste would not be imaginable from any other country and Berlusconi should now apologise to Israel and the Jewish community in Italy."

Antonio Di Pietro, a former anti-corruption magistrate and leader of Italy of Values, added: "It's no longer a question of politics but a psychiatric problem with him."
The Italian was engulfed in a sex scandal last year centering on his purported relationships with young women, including an escort girl.

This has led to his wife Veronica Lario seeking a divorce from him. They are now separated, but a divorce can only be sought after three years of separation.
It seems Berlusconi loves to remain in controversies. Once, he told a female Italian Cabinet Minister he would marry her if he was not already married.

In 2003 he caused outrage by comparing a German MEP to a concentration camp guard and last year he said that US President Barack Obama was "well suntanned".
That year he also left German Chancellor Angela Merkel waiting to greet him at a conference while he made a call on his mobile phone.

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