Fun all the way...

Fun all the way...

Art Mela

Fun all the way...

In an effort to break the monotony of life at law school, the Cultural and Fine Arts Committee of National Law School of India University (NLSIU) organised an 'Art Mela' on its campus last week.

The two-day event had a host of programmes that gave the students an opportunity to showcase their talents in the fields of art and theatre. The event began with a theatre workshop, conducted by 'Yours Truly', a theatre troupe based in the City. It involved quirky, fun and engaging activities that could be performed easily, even by the newcomers to the stage. And we could not have asked for a more enthusiastic response
to it!

This was followed by ‘Karaoke Nite’, where people could come up and sing their favourite songs. Paroma Mitra says, “All the students had a great time singing, whether they were in perfect tune of not. It was the nice opportunity for everyone to let their hair down!" From Tik Tok to Rock On, students performed sportingly and made this event a huge success.

The next day's events were no less exciting. Titled 'Art Mela', the activities included painting, sketching, cartooning, face painting, toe painting and mehendi among others. Students, once again, braved the rain and turned up in good numbers to participate and cheer their classmates.

The final day brought with it the Nautanki Mela, dedicated solely to theatre. Many students turned up to participate in events such as Mad Adz, Movie Spoof and a new event called 'Face to Face'.

This involved the participants to use their creativity to come up with interesting conversations between certain characters assigned to them. Thus, we saw conversations between George Bush and Osama bin Laden, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Navjot Singh Sindhu, and so many others which sent both the audience and the judges into peels of laughter.

Anubhuti Sinha, another students says, “From Rajnikant to Paris Hilton, the stage was full of budding actors showing us what they're best at."  All in all, the ‘Art Mela’ turned out to be a medley of fun, innovation, excitement and non-stop entertainment.

(II year student, NLSIU)