These roads will be an eyesore during Dasara

These roads will be an eyesore during Dasara

Pathetic: They provide a strong proof of lethargic attitude of officials

These roads will be an eyesore during Dasara

The KRS Road near Dasappa Circle in city which is being repaired at a snail’s pace. DH photo by Prashant H G

But one look at the city roads which are pathetic have pending works to make them ‘motorable’ till date will surely be a nightmare for those who arrive in thousands during the festival.

With schools and educational institutions being closed down for the dasara holidays, as every year, tourists inflow usually swells up during the festive period, who love to wander across the city, which is decked up as a fairyland are sure to take back unsavoury memories.

The district administration which is leaving no stone unturned to make it a success till date has not given any thought on repairing the roads to make it ready before dasara. The KRS road which begins from the Dasappa circle before railway station on JLB road connects various important destinations and tourist spots such as Balamuri, Yedamuri and the world famous Brindavan Gardens, CFTRI, Akashvani, the famous Vontikoppal Venkataramanaswamy temple.

The road widening and the bridge works by the South Western Railways has left the place, with no signs to prove there was a road earlier at the spot. The road has been closed for almost a year, and the poor public have been taking a detour spending money on fuel.

The same stretch of road near Gokulam theatre which is a double road has also been closed down for upgrading the underground drain. The parallel road was used for traffic, which has completely worn out earning the wrath of the residents of Gokulam. 

The works are partially complete, but now, the concerned authorities have begun doing some bit of fixing the pot holes on the road.

Will the road be open before Dasara or continue to be an eyesore?, is the moot question here.