Burning dry leaves a health risk in RR Nagar: residents

Burning dry leaves a health risk in RR Nagar: residents

Residents of RR Nagar discuss their problems with BBMP Commissioner (SWM) Randeep D. special arrangement

The burning of dry leaves by BBMP pourakarmikas at various places in RR Nagar, despite being equipped with dry leaf composting facilities, is a serious health hazard to the residents.

Residents of RR Nagar and Hemmigepura wards complained that the leaves are collected, dumped in a corner and regularly burnt causing health issues.

“Burning of leaves is an offence. Some pourakarmikas have been doing this. Each park in the area has dry leaf composting pits. We have requested for making use of these pits to dump dry leaves which will get naturally composted and can be used as manure later. Most of them have not been doing it,” said Sunil Kumar, a resident of RR Nagar.

The residents apprised the special commissioner (SWM), BBMP, Randeep D, about the same on Monday.

“There are 16 parks in both the wards. A team of six residents clean one park a day. But the next day, they find the same amount of plastic they cleared. Plastic is entering the parks as street vendors are running fruit and snack stalls,” complained another resident.

According to the residents, there is no proper fencing to the parks. Nor are there sign oards in any parks that direct people to adhere to norms.

They urged the Palike officials to clear the black spots. “Use of plastic is rampant, causing too many black spots in parks and residential areas. Most shops, hotels and street vendors use banned plastic material casually. There is no enforcement of the plastic ban,” added another resident.

Randeep said he will visit both the wards for spot inspection and direct the concerned joint commissioner to take necessary action. “I will review the situation in both the wards with the officers after my inspection. They will take the next steps,” he said.