Team Profile

MAIA Estates

MAIA Estates, a real estate development company headquartered in Bengaluru, was founded in 2016 by Mayank Ruia. Known for its sustainable endeavours and quality construction, MAIA has grown to become a prominent player in the industry, specialising in high-value residential projects.

MAIA places a strong emphasis on providing maximum open spaces and greenery in all its developments, with multi-level clubhouses and numerous amenities, offering a complete lifestyle to its residents. The floor plans are thoughtfully designed to optimise space utilisation, ensuring customers benefit from every inch of their investment.

Over the past seven years, MAIA has achieved remarkable growth, expanding its team to over 100 skilled professionals. The team comprises a dynamic blend of motivated young professionals and seasoned specialists, working collaboratively to transform the real estate sector in India. With an aspiration to set new international standards, MAIA is dedicated to actualising its vision with the leadership of Founder and CEO, Mayank Ruia, who brings over two decades of experience and expertise.

MAIA Estates is built on the foundation of exceptional quality, intelligent architecture, timeless design, and best-in-class partnerships, demonstrating and serving customers with the utmost transparency and integrity. MAIA is committed to upholding sustainability in every aspect of their development and working with the underlying belief that ‘in order to see change, we must change’.

Akshay Bathia (Captain)

Assistant Manager - Legal and Business Development

A spirited enthusiast who finds joy in football, the sizzle of outdoor barbeques, and hiking trails. With an active, culinary and Nature-loving persona, he adds energy to every adventure.

Prajwal James Fernandes (Goalkeeper)

Assistant Manager - Accounts

A gentle, yet determined accountant. When not working, he finds comfort in reading, trying new restaurants over the weekend and spending time with his family.

Vignesh Prasad V S

Executive - Civil and Finishes

A dynamic individual whose passions span across journaling, hiking and soccer. With a zest for documenting thoughts, conquering trails, and scoring goals, he embodies a vibrant and versatile spirit.

Soham Mukherjee

Manager – Facilities

A well-rounded individual whose world revolves around books, cinematic experiences and gaming. With an insatiable thirst for stories in various forms, he combines literary and his passions that reflect his dynamic personality.

Arun Vel

Housekeeping staff

A multi-talented person whose hobbies include singing, cooking and fitness. With a blend of creativity, a culinary flair, and dedication to fitness, he brings balance to both the office and the game.

Thenchungnung Singson

Executive - Facilities

A versatile teammate who finds joy in cycling, dancing and the nurturing touch of gardening. With a dynamic blend of movement, artistic expression, and Nature, he brings a unique and vibrant energy to every facet of life.

Aswin Dhandapani

Assistant Manager - MEP & Design

A determined person at work and play. When not working, he finds his happiness in food, trekking and the exhilaration of high-octane cars. With a diverse palette of passions, he adds flavour, adventure and speed to his life.

Marudhu Pandiyan

Assistant Manager - Services

A passionate individual who finds peace in tending to gardens, spending time with family and watching movies over the weekend.