Ambedkar statue 'cleansed' with milk

Ambedkar statue 'cleansed' with milk

Members of Dalit organisations poured milk on Dr B R Ambedkar statue here on Station Road on Monday, saying that the sanctity of the statue was spoiled due to garlanding by communal and casteist persons during Ambedkar Jayanti.

"Members of Dalit, progressive, backward, minority, and others used to garland the statue during Ambedkar Jayanti. This year, communal, casteist, anti-dalit, and anti-constitution people also garlanded the statue, for their selfish gains. The statue is being cleaned with milk, to tell such persons to clean their mind," they said.

Manuvadis who are against the principles propagated by Dr Ambedkar garlanded the statue, and therefore, the statue was cleaned, they added.

Pitambrappa Bilar, Gurunath Ullikashi, Vijay Guntral, and others were present.

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