Blunders galore in 8th, 10th std textbooks

Blunders galore in 8th, 10th std textbooks

The jumbled pages from Kannada language textbook for the eighth standard.

Adding to the series of blunders committed by the Education Department in state syllabus high school textbooks, the eighth and tenth standard textbooks of state syllabus, distributed in Vittal region, are found riddled with lots of mistakes.

Only two pages of the first lesson ‘Buddhana Salahe’ is related to the topic in the eighth standard second language Kannada text book. The continuing pages are related to Mathematics.

Pages of Kannada medium Mathematics textbook for the eighth standard are printed from page 51 to 66. The Kannada language lessons are continued from page number 19. Mathematics lessons are printed after page 82.

Lessons missing

The second lesson ‘Kanasu and sandesha’ is completely missing. There are only some pages of the third lesson ‘Gandhijiya Balya Patha’.

The last page of poetry section is absent. Poems ‘Harida Hakkigalu; ‘Jyothiye Agu Jagakella’ are missing. The beginning page of ‘Nanna Hageye’ poem is absent. In some textbooks, the first page itself is missing.

Ninth standard lesson ‘Aralikatte’ has been printed instead of the second lesson ‘Asi-Masi-Krishi’, in the tenth standard second language Kannada textbook. There lessons are repeated in English medium Science textbooks for the seventh standard as well.

The parents and teachers of the students have been cursing the Education Department for the blunders.

The teachers are facing a huge inconvenience while conducting classes.

The department concerned has exhibited a total negligence in printing and distributing proper textbooks, they said and urged for the withdrawal of faulty textbooks after replacing them with proper copies.