BBC blocked in Pakistan over documentary

BBC blocked in Pakistan over documentary

Some operators yesterday said the channel was blocked for airing the two-part documentary "Secret Pakistan", which highlighted links between the Inter-Services Intelligence agency and Taliban fighters.

While the documentary was broadcast in other parts of the world earlier, it was aired in Pakistan over the weekend.

Other foreign news broadcasters like Sky News, Fox News, CNN and Al-Jazeera were not affected by the move though operators said any channel found broadcasting "anti-Pakistan" content would be blocked.

BBC World News disappeared from cable networks in cities across the country this evening, shortly after the All Pakistan Cable Operators Association said all foreign news channels airing "anti-Pakistan" content would be barred.

The BBC said it was concerned by the move and called for the channel to be speedily reinstated.

"We condemn any action that threatens our editorial independence and prevents audiences from accessing our impartial international news service...We would urge that BBC World News and other international news services are reinstated as soon as possible," a BBC spokesperson said.

The cable operators called on the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority "to revoke the landing rights of foreign channels" if they are found to be "propagating" information against to the country.