Violent incidents in Pakistan since Osama's killing

Violent incidents in Pakistan since Osama's killing

May 22/23: Fierce gunfights raged overnight as heavily-armed terrorists stormed a key military facility in Karachi, destroyed two surveillance aircraft and left five personnel dead.

May 21: Fifteen people were killed in a NATO oil tanker blast following a bomb attack on the vehicle in northwest Pakistan.

May 20: One person was killed and 10 people, including two Americans, were injured in a powerful explosion that targeted US consulate vehicles in the northwestern city of Peshawar.

May 18 : Twenty militants and two security personnel were killed when a group of over 100 rebels attacked a check post Wednesday morning in Peshawar.

May 16 : Four men riding two motorcycles shoot dead a Saudi consulate officer in Karachi, five days after grenades were hurled at the consulate.

May 16: A minister of Pakistan's Balochistan province narrowly escapes when his convoy was shot at by unidentified gunmen.

May 16: A man was killed and his body was cut into pieces while another man was gunned down after he was set ablaze by militants in North Waziristan for helping the US.

May 14: Seven people, including three women and a child, were killed when a bomb exploded in a bus in Punjab province.Local TV channels reported that it was a suicide blast but the police did not confirm this.

May 13: Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at a training centre for Pakistani security personnel Friday, killing at least 80 people and injuring over 100. The Taliban, which claimed responsibility for the attack, said it was in "revenge" for Osama's killing.

May 10: A woman suicide bomber detonated herself at the main entrance to a court, killing three police personnel.

May 6: Eight people were killed and 15 injured when militants opened fire at people doing their morning exercises at a park in Quetta.

May 2: At least four people were killed and eight others injured when an explosion ripped through a mosque in a Pakistani town.