Breeze through with baby

Breeze through with baby

Dr Meena Menon, eye specialist, offers sound advice: “As long as the baby is healthy, I am all for the new mum to go out and take a short holiday whenever she can. If possible I would suggest that the parents take take a third person along, like a relative or house help, so that the mother can relax.”

Roopa Rangaswamy, HR professional, admits that the first trip with baby always unveils new learnings! “The trick is not to be aggressive about your holiday schedule,” she says, adding that one must be prepared to enjoy fewer outings in a day.

Dr Meena Jain, child and adolescent psychologist, argues that unless there is a strong support system, like a care-giver or a very understanding husband who is ready to share responsibilities, a holiday is bound to be stressful for both baby and mom.

But Dr Hari Priya insists that holidays in the initial years of baby’s life bring happiness and adjustment. “I suggest that parents make short trips and ensure the child is well-fed. Keep meal times regular,” she says.

Here’s what you need to ensure:

1. Carry enough baby supplies and essentials, be it in clothes, diapers or formula.
2. Be flexible with your schedule and understand that a baby will not identify with your idea of a holiday like trekking excursions or shopping sprees!
3. Try to visit places that are less crowded.
4. It maybe worthwhile to carry a stroller or a baby sling to make commuting easy in a new destination.