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Momos are everyone's favourite. Here are the most innovative flavours of momos...


Momos are succulent bite-sized appetisers which are now sold in the street corners of most of India’s metros. Traditional momos were prepared with non-vegetarian fillings such as yak, beef, pork, chicken, or simply cabbage. But today, momos have got a makeover and gone uber chic. There are several varieties that one can choose from to suit both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian palates.

In an era where everyone is trying to be as innovative as possible and fusion food is the ‘in thing’, these steamed dumplings seem to have come of age. Here are some lip-smacking and innovative momo ideas that you can perhaps try the next time the mood for momos hits you:

Oreo momos

This momo is stuffed with an oreo biscuit and some chocolate sauce, usually, Nutella. It’s steamed and then fried. It’s served with chocolate sauce and can be paired with vanilla ice cream.

Coconut momos

The coconut version is steamed and stuffed with dry coconut, which is powdered and mixed with vegetables and paneer. As it steams, it becomes creamy on the inside as the coconut oil oozes out and helps the vegetables and paneer to cook and mix. This version is served with a spicy coconut dip.

Pizza momos

Pizza momo is stuffed with cheese and vegetarian pizza topping options and tastes like pizzas served at small bakeries. It’s served with a cheesy dip.

Cocktail momos

Cocktail momos are a great way to ensure guests at home go ‘Mmm’ when you throw a party or go pubbing or just hang out with friends at home or out.

Tandoori momos

These are non-greasy, spicy, yet crispy. A stuffing of minced chicken, onions, ginger paste and salt is steamed and served with chilli garlic sauce. It is the ‘mood setter’ for an office party or even a reunion with college mates.

Cheese momos

These are ‘melt in the mouth’ delights that are filled with grated cheddar cheese, finely chopped onions and chillies. Fine-dining restaurants in 5-star hotels are serving this with panache.

Vodka momos

These are the perfect accompaniments to a chill-out evening with friends. Fun and delicious, they add zing to any party.

(The author is deputy general manager- R & D, Innovative Foods Limited)

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