Soul-comforting meals

Soul-comforting meals

Try these lip-smacking seafood dishes

Laksa Soup

Get your weekend going with some lip-smacking and comforting seafood meals. Here are two recipes that you can whip up easily:

Jimbaran-style Prawn


Prawn with shell – 300 gm

Sweet soya – 5 ml

Refined oil – 15 ml

Honey – 20 ml

Raw mango – 15 gm

Curry powder – 8 gm

Lemongrass – 15 gm

Lime leaf – 1 pc

Oyster sauce – 10 ml

Jalapeno – 1 pc

Lime – 1 pc

Coriander root – 15 gm

Broth powder – 3 gm

Red pepper – 10 gm

Garlic – 5 gm

Fresh red chilli – 1 pc


Method: Cut the prawn with shell in two halves and marinate it in a mixture of curry powder, oil, oyster, lime juice, broth, chopped lemongrass, lime leaf, chopped garlic, coriander root. Make a salsa with jalapeno, red pepper, raw & ripe mango sliced in small pieces. Add honey to it. Heat the oil for 3 mins in a pan and grill the marinated prawn in it. Place the grilled prawns on a platter, place the salsa on prawns and serve it hot.


Laksa Soup


Prawns with shell – 60 gm

Water – 200 ml

Chicken julienne – 30 gm

Laksa paste – 25 gm

Coconut milk powder – 60 gm

Broth powder – 3 gm

Peanut crust – 10 gm

Fresh red chilli – 1 pc

Spring onion – 15 gm

Curry powder – 3 gm

Chilli oil – 3 ml

Oyster sauce – 15 ml

Prawn without shell – 1 pc

Fried onion slice – 15 gm

Pad Thai noodles – 40 gm

Fried chopped garlic – 10 gm

Lemon – 1 pc

Boiled egg – half


Method: Boil water and add coconut milk to it. Stir the mixture well. Add laksa paste, curry powder, oyster sauce broth powder and cook for 10 minutes to get the right texture. Boil the prawns, julienne chicken, egg, noodles and other spices and ingredients. Arrange the ingredients in a soup bowl and pour soup in it. Garnish it with coriander and serve hot.

(Courtesy: The author is executive chef, Swissotel Kolkata)

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